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What is TA?

Titratable acidity (TA) measurements are used to determine the concentration of acidic compounds in solution, including organic acids and free protons. In contrast, pH measurements can only be used to determine the concentration of free protons in solution and cannot be used to determine the concentration of organic acids. This is important because organic acids are frequently the compounds responsible for providing flavor traits. What does this mean? To put it simply: titratable acidity measurements will generally correlate with taste perception of acidity, while pH measurements will not. The ability to monitor the true concentration of acids in solution will enhance your brewing quality control.

About FermChem's TA Test Kit

FermChem's TA Test Kit is the best product on the market for monitoring TA in beer, cider, kombucha, and wine.  Our TA Test Kit is beloved by users because it is fast, easy, and affordable. The secret to our success? Our proprietary indicator, PSP, is more than 10x brighter at pH 8.2 than other commonly used indicators (e.g. phenanthroline) found in economy TA test kits. Additionally, we have a TA calculator that does all of the math for you when performing measurements.


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How the FermChem TA Test Kit works

FermChem TA Test Kit Supplies

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